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Would you like to do more for the environment, the community and save money, at the same time?

WeUse is an app that makes it easier for you, who is in a housing association to share your resources with your fellow residents. This is good for the environment, your wallet, and creating a better neighborhood.
Would you like to join us?

We live in a time of over-consumption and where it is better to throw out and buy new. We believe, that everyone can get better at sharing different resources if it is done with the right conditions. At the same time, will we start talking to each other and thereby creating trust among the neighborhood. A trust that once existed but in many places is gone.

That is why we started WeUse, an app that makes it easier for residents in residential complexes to share/rent out all their resources which could be used much better, with their neighbors. Anything from a sewing machine to board games.

In the following, you can read how it works!

Kind regard

Team WeUse

The app is made so that it is easy, fast and profitable for YOU in your housing associations to share / rent things with each other.

WeUse is an app where you can upload all the resources you do not use often enough. Easy to share with your neighbors.

Safety is very important to us! Therefore, users must evaluate each other after a rental period to create a transparent and secure platform.

Why do we want to create more social and sustainable housing associations? See the answer here. (Subtitles in English)

Easy to use

It only takes 2 minuts, then you are ready to go


Step 1: Download

Download the app from App Store.

Step 2: Register

Create an account, in a few steps. Get ready to rent and share!



Step 3: Find object you like

Find exactly what you need.

Step 4: Request

Write the period you want to rent the WeSource and choose a pickup and return time. Easy Peasy.



Step 5: Use it

Enjoy the freedom of using a product you always can return and have saved a lot of money compared to have bought it.

Step 6: Return and rate

Return the product just like you got it, we all wish to get our things back as we gave it out and receive a super review from the other party.


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