Our app

WeUse is an app where you can upload your resources, such as a power drill, a board game, or a hand mixer that you want to rent out or share. Uploading it with the app is quick and easy. Additionally, you can organize, find or post events within your community. If you need help in a specific situation or with a specific project you can ask for help from your neighbourhood.

In average a power drill is only used 12-13 minutes in its lifetime – let’s change that!



Discover a world of objects and events just around the corner. Here you can see all the items, events and help requests, that are available in your neighbourhood.


Search for a specific item and if you do not know the name, try to see if you can find it in the fitting category.



Share a WeSource with your neighbourhood. Make money on the things you have laying around and make better use of it. This helps the environment; you make money and make your neighbours happier. That is a win-win.

Upload an event idea to search for helpers to organize or post an event and search for participants. Ask for help on a specific task or project within your neighbourhood and find someone who can help you.

Strengthen the social cohesion and participation in your community!


Get an overview of all the things or events you would like to rent or participate in and manage it all, simple and easy.

App request page


See all your WeSources and requests. Here you can also see how other users rate you as a WeUser.