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Our App

WeUse is an app where you can upload any resources you rarely use, such as a power drill, a boardgame, or hand mixer that you want to rent out or share. Uploading it with the app is quick and easy.

In average a power drill is only used 12-13 minutes in its lifetime!
We must change that!

WeUse is an app where you as a resident of a housing association can upload all the resources you do not use often enough. be a drill, board game or hand mixer that you want to rent or simply share. Uploading it to the app is quick and easy.


Browser page:

Discover a world of objects just around the corner. Here you can see all the items, which are available in your neighborhood.

Category page:

Search for a specific item and if you do not know the name try to see if you can find it in a fitting category.




Share a WeSource with your neighborhood. Make money on the things you anyway have laying around and make better use of it. This helps the environment; you make money and make your neighbours happier. That is a win-win.


Get an overview of all the things you would like to rent and manage it all, simple and easy.




See all your WeSources and their request. Here you are also able to see how other users are seeing and rating you as a WeUser