Do you want your dormitory to be a part of WeUse?

What can WeUse bring to resident in your dormitory?

Save time and money!

WeUse saves time and thereby money, as the janitors can now focus on their tasks given by you.

Become a green dormitory

WeUse offers measurable sustainability and CO2 savings, for each department.

Residents become more independent

Residents have the opportunity to fix things themselves and even help each other with small services, without the janitors’ help.

Illustration of WeUsers

Strengthen the social cohesion in your community

WeUse enables your residents to help and interact with each other and thereby strengthens the social cohesion in your dormitory.

How to get WeUse implemented in your dormitory?

Exclusively for dormitories we offer the possibility of a transaction model, where your residents pay a small amount per transaction. We want to support a cultural change early on and strengthen your community!

Additionally we offer:

  • Price based on number of households conntected to WeUse
  • Free implementation phase
  • You decide how many households
  • Increase capacity at any time
  • Zero additional administrative expense

Sounds promising? Contact us directly and we will hook you with the perfect solution for your dormitory.

Everything you need:
  • Power drill
  • board game
  • blender
  • speaker