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Frequently asked questions

What is WeUse?

WeUse is an application, that makes it possible for people in housing associations and dormitories to share or rent things from each other in a safe and easy way.

Can every one use WeUse? ?

No, only housing associations and dormitories that are signed up. WeUse has already made contracts to housing associations/dormitories all over the country, so your housing association will inform you if you can use WeUse.

My housing association is not part of WeUse, what do I do ?

If your housing association is not one of our clients, we recommend that you contact the administration about going in cooperation with WeUse, then you and everyone in your housing association will have access to the app.

My housing association has a contract, what do I do?

It’s simple, you download the app from App Store or Google Play, create account with few informations about your self and then you are ready to share or rent.

How secure is it to rent or share items in the app?

We are very concerned about your security, that’s why our app is easy to use and transparent in that way that users are rated by the other party after each rental so they can’t hide behind profiles, like you see on other platforms.

My item is broken after I rented it out, what do I do?

Many others would offer an insurance, but usually, there is no need for that in Denmark, because our home insurances cover rented out or shared items for up to 30 days. That’s why both parties are secured. (NOTE. that does not include small boats, canoes, kayaks and wind- and kitesurfers).

Just contact your home insurance. Our automatically created contract contains all the relevant information that they need to solve your issue. 

What is weuse income?

We care about being as transparent as possible. We make money through a subscription for housing associations and for dormitories through transactions. When residents rent a product, we charge a small fee, to provide the platform to the local community.

Why should we share with each other?

Because it makes the world more green when we don’t buy new things every time we need something. We safe money when we rent/share items that are as good as new. By sharing we have access to more resources in our neighbourhood.

Do I have to pay Taxes on what I earn through the app?

If you rent out your private things, you  have to pay tax on the profits. An annual report must be made to SKAT. To make things easy, here is a link to SKAT where you can enter the information.

Write the profit in box 20 on the annual statement and field 250 on the advance statement.