For the environment
For your community
Save money

WeUse is a platform enabling communities such as housing associations, sports clubs, companies and private persons to become more sustainable and strengthen the cohesion by sharing resources, helping and connecting each other in closed networks.


Our goal is to help you help the environment and create stronger and better neighbourhood

The app is made so that it is easy, fast and profitable for YOU in your housing associations to share / rent things with each other.

Safety is very important to us! Therefore, users must evaluate each other after a rental period to create a transparent and secure platform.

WeUse is an app where you can upload all the resources you do not use often enough. Easy to share with your neighbors.

WeUse aims at making residents interact more and thereby create cohersion and trust within the neighbourhood.

We live in a time of over-consumption, where many prefer to throw out resources and buy new. WeUse wants to provide the right tool to change our behaviour towards a more mindful consumption and strengthen local communities.

WeUse is an app that makes it easier for residents in residential complexes to share or rent out their resources to their neighbours.

Why do we want to create more
  • social
  • sustainable
Housing associations?
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At WeUse, we really want everyone to feel safe when renting and sharing things.

Therefore, it would be obvious to offer insurance to all, but we do not. In Denmark are we so privileged, that the majority of WeSources are covered by our home insurance. 

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