Why should you become a WeUser?

Do you want to know what the WeUse app can do for you?

Right now, we are in the process of spreading WeUse in associations in Denmark (housing communities and sports clubs).

But next year we will open up our app, so YOU can create a user and make your own personal network with e.g. the neighbourhood, your street or some other people of your choice .

We’re really looking forward to reaching out to Danish residents!

Safe rentals

The safety of your rental is our main concern. By providing a tool for your closed community with the addition of in-app rating-system of past rentals, we minimize the probability of scams compared to other platforms.

You are covered

Danish home insurances cover rentals up to 30 days. With automated contracts created for each rental, you are on the save side.

Become a driving force for sustainability

Become a driving force for sustainability and tackle the problem of overconsumption in your community.

illustration of WeUsers

Access to a vast variety of products

Receive access to a vast variety of resources and find the fitting product to your project (e.g. tools, home appliances, entertainment and technology).

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