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At WeUse, we really want everyone to feel safe when renting and lending things.

Therefore, it would be obvious to offer insurance to all, but we do not.

In Denmark are we are so privileged, that the majority of WeSources are covered by our home insurance. (BUT NOT: Small boats, wave boards, kite and windsurfers, and the like and accessories therefor. By small boats, insurance companies mean boats that do not exceed 6.5 meters in length, including canoes and kayaks)

We have checked with the 20 largest insurance companies in Denmark, all confirmed by the covered borrowed and rented generations for 30 days. Therefore, there is no need to offer extra insurance, yet have a deductible of at least DKK 500 when 98.2% of the Danish population is covered by their home insurance.

What do we do if something happens to our rented things?

Contact this insurance company and give people interested in a bad review. In doing so, we quickly exclude these people from our system. No one wants to deal with someone who has bad reviews and the renter specifically does not want to see their neighbor in the eyes once the rental is over. Therefore, it is important that we look after each other things and thereby create a stronger community.

It is our assurance that you can rent/lead in a safe environment.