Good Things Going Further

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Sustainable Goals

We are a company that is very much in to UN's global goals to create more
sustainable cities and local communities, and that we become more responsible for our spending.

We believe we can change the world, but not alone. We believe that if we all work to become better at thinking about the environment, we can achieve great things for our planet. Fortunately, we are living in a time where it is becoming more and more modern to share. These include accommodation (Airbnb, Couchsurfing) and transport (GoMore, Uber). Why don't we also have to share what we have at home? There is a huge potential that we can consume more sustainable and at the same time, make money from things that are just taking space.


With WeUse, you help create a more cohesive community that helps each other. This creates a stronger network in the local community.


You are also helping to create a lower environmental impact, as instead of just buying new things, where we create a need to produce more and more, we are going to recycle good functional products with each other. This saves you both money and is good for our environment.


For us at WeUse, we know that the road to success is through collaboration. That is why it is important for the US to have YOU. But we also work with other companies and together we make it possible to reach the UN goals. Through close collaboration with partners where we together create knowledge, experience, and technology, we can gain new opportunities and create new benefits together. Together with our partners and YOU, we create the next generation of businesses with a focus on accountability and sustainability.