Terms and conditions 

The WeUse app (hereinafter referred to as “the app” or “the service”) is offered by WeUse ApS, Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg, CVR No. 41724064 (hereinafter referred to as “WeUse”).

The app is a sharing service that allows users to share tools, garden equipment, kitchenware, entertainment equipment, office supplies, digital items, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “assets”) between neighbors and residents. The user will also be able to demand services and help from each other (hereinafter referred to as “services”).

The aim is to create cohesion and sustainability in local communities by allowing residents to use each other’s resources so that residents find a common denominator and can help each other. The utilization of each other’s resources will create a more circular consumption, as fewer people need to buy the same things.

When you get in touch with your neighbor or others, you decide what information you want to exchange with others. We are not responsible for the misuse of mutually exchanged data, so always use common sense.

Below you can find the terms for your use of the app, including lending your own assets and borrowing other people’s assets. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at info@weuse.dk

User Management

You can create your user by using the code provided to you by your housing association. Your user is created by entering your information in the entry form. Your household can create 5 users via the code. If your household needs more than 5 users, you can contact WeUse and provide documentation that there are more than 5 people in the household. The user may not be used by anyone other than the household or the person registered in the app.

You can request the deletion of your user at any time. Deletion requires that you do not have active rentals/ rentals. WeUse states that your information is stored according to the privacy policy, see the section below about personal information.

Likewise, WeUse can terminate a user’s access to the service at any time – and thus terminate the user’s profile – with 30 days notice.

When decommissioning, information about the user and products will be removed from WeUse so that they no longer appear visible on WeUse. When moving from the housing association, the user is obliged to remove their affiliation with the former housing association.

About platform and private use

WeUse provides a sharing platform. You may only use the platform for private purposes. The use of the service for professional purposes is not permitted.

WeUse is committed to making sure that the app is online and well-functioning during the daytime. WeUse uses modern security technology and continuously ensures high security and that the security technology is up to date.

Asset lending rules

WeUse has the following behavioural rules for handling objects:

  • You have to treat the assets as if they were your own and take care of other people’s things. The assets must be handed over in the same condition as they when taken over.
  • Assets that use i) rechargeable battery must be handed over charged ii) ordinary batteries must be agreed individually at each rental.
  • The rental period is a maximum of 30 days.

You may only rent out personal assets such as:

  • Tools and garden equipment such as cordless screwdriver and power-drill, hammer, screwdriver and other similar tool items, pickaxe, shovel, spade.
  • Digital items such as digital scale, music player, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances and utensils, including cutlery, glass, cups and the like
  • And other legal goods that can be rented out and rented privately.

It is not allowed to lend illegal items, including items in violation of applicable law, such as illegal knives, stolen goods, counterfeit goods, etc.

Obligations of lenders

As a lender, you are obliged to follow these conditions, including our lending rules.

You may only rent out the household’s own assets, which you have the right to rent out.

It is your responsibility as a renter to ensure that the rented asset works according to what is stated in the advertisement, as well as at the request of the borrower to assist with any challenges.

Before each transfer of an asset, the asset must be thoroughly cleaned, including, if possible, sanitized in accordance with applicable rules.

If a borrower does not return the item, the non-delivery is considered theft. In the case of theft, the case will be handed over to the local police and user access to WeUse will be suspended, including the blocking from withdrawal. WeUse will continuously develop functionality to facilitate safe rental, including functionality for reminding the borrower to hand back, reminding the lender to decide whether the asset has been duly returned.  

Obligations of the borrower

As a borrower, you are obliged to:

  • Test the item when handing over to the lender and check if the item is as directed in the ad.
  • Contact the lender if an item does not work as agreed.
  • Charge rechargeable battery or insert new batteries if agreed with lender.
  • If necessary, clean the item prior to use and cleaning of the item prior to return.


You are also obliged to:

  • Treat the borrowed properly and inform the lender about any damages.
  • Return the loan as agreed in the rental agreement. 
  • Replace any broken items.

Rules on services

You may only provide services that you know how to perform. 

If you provide services that require authorisation to perform, such as craft work such as plumbing or electrician work, legal authorisation is required. 

It is your own responsibility to ensure that the services provided or the services purchased comply with Danish law.  


Each user is obliged of his own operation to take out and maintain relevant insurance in respect of both the lessor and the lessee or the provision of services or the recipient of services.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that your home insurance covers lending of assets or covers borrowed assets.  According to our current knowledge, home insurance does not normally cover the rental of the following assets:

  • Gold, silver, jewelry, pearls and gemstones, money and the like.
  • Small boats, canoes, kayaks, wind and kite surfers and the like.
  • Bikes
  • Tools, props, and instruments that you use as a salary recipient in a profession.

It is also your own responsibility to ensure that you have compulsory liability insurance if the services offered so require.

Payment and payment

When you register as a user on the app, your user is assigned a so-called “Wallet”, also known as an electronic wallet. Each crown equals 1 point.

Each user can deposit DKK 35 to DKK 5,000 at a time for their Wallet’s deposit. With these funds, the user can pay to rent someone else’s items.

Payment is made via WeUse’s payment gateway Stripe Inc, which ensures full encryption and security. WeUse does not have access to payment information and does not store your payment information.

WeUse stores the paid-up funds in a separate account with a Danish financial institution.


Creating a user is free of charge.

A fee of 5 % of the payout amount shall be paid. That is, if you have 100 DKK standing as 100 points and you request payout of 100 points equal to 100 DKK, you will be charged 5 DKK. in fee and get paid out 95 DKK .

In connection with each payment, you will receive information about the specific fee.

If you have not been created through a housing association and have instead signed up through the WeUse website, app or dormitory, the following rules apply to fees:

Each transaction is subject to a service fee as indicated below:


Transaction amount in points equal to DKK

Service fee in points equal to DKK
























In connection with the approval of each transaction, you will receive information about the specific service fee.

The service fee is charged based on creating the connection between users.


WeUse only provides a platform and is thus only considered a facilitator.

WeUse is not responsible for the quality, properties of the rented items or for the tenant’s handling of the items.

WeUse is not responsible for the quality of the services provided.

WeUse has the right to report users to the police, as well as to assist the police in accordance with applicable law.

Personal data

WeUse processes personal data according to the WeUse Privacy Policy. Read about purposes, legal basis, etc. in the policy.

WeUse continuously observes data protection rules on privacy by design and privacy by default.

Privacy policy questions can be directed to info@weuse.dk.

Taxation of profits

Profits on the rental of private items may be taxed. It doesn’t matter if the items sold are new or used, where they’re purchased, or how long you’ve had them. 

In our knowledge, on the basis of profits on the rental of private items, tax must be paid. WeUse would like to support the users’ ability to give the amount to SKAT, which is why we have prepared an overview of earnings under your profile. It is irrelevant to WeUse whether any profit on rental should be taxed. Whether you report the amount and whether it is fiscally correct is your own responsibility. The way it should be calculated by TAX is your profit : Earnings – expenses = profit. It shall be entered in box 20. 


After each rental, both the borrower and the lender will be asked to rate each other, including the quality of service, whether the item lived up to the ad and whether the item was returned as agreed.

It can be a good idea to lend the first items cheaply, so that you as a lender quickly get a good rating and thereby have a greater probability of lending more items.

Jurisdiction and choice of law, including mediation and handling of disputes between lender and borrower

All agreements between you and WeUse, as well as between lender and borrower are regulated by Danish law. Jurisdiction is the court of the city where you live.

Before bringing an action, each party to this Agreement shall convene the other party in order to resolve the disputes amicably. Only when mediation has been attempted can the parties legally file a summons with the district court.

User Terms of Use Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Use. It is advisable to consult this statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes. In the face of significant changes, the changes as well as the new User Terms will be announced in good time and will be forwarded to all users.

WeUse ApS
CVR: 41724064