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The Team

We are a young energetic team that have many different backgrounds and we do everything we can to make the best share app. We know that in order to succeed it is important to have the residents of the housing associations with, as they are the ones who need the app.

The Team

Emil Busch - CEO

Hi, my name is Emil and I had an idea to make it easier for all of us to share our resources. That is why I started WeUse. I am passionate about creating a more sustainable world, not only for the environment but also for our economy. Therefore, deciding on being a WeUser will be great for both the environment and nature. I am responsible for sales and marketing, as well as keeping an overview of our goal that is creating an application that will provide many benefits to all of you who live in housing associations. When I'm not working on WeUse, I love skiing as I've been a ski guide in the past few years. Since this is rather difficult to proceed within Denmark, I also have another great hobby, where I spend my time being creative with building LEGO. I am very much looking forward to being able to present the rest of my fantastic team over the next few days and, of course, we remain working on our application that will be launched already in August!

Gideon Harpantides - Business Developer

Hi, my name is Gideon I am working on the business development of WeUse. I am a mechanical engineer, studying Innovation and Business for my master’s degree at SDU. My main motivation to join WeUse was to create something that contributes to a more sustainable future. I truly believe that with WeUse we can are support people to change their way of consuming and strengthen our community at the same time. I am spending my leisure time doing sports, especially CrossFit or doing politics.

William - Front-end Programmer

Hi, my name is William. I am a self-taught programmer and currently studying at HTX in my final year. I have been coding for more than 5 years. At WeUse, I am responsible for the app development. I have been part of several other startups and companies, where I was in charge of the app development. I spend a lot of my free time in front of the computer, where I improve my programming skills, both front end, and back end. I joined WeUse because I see a lot of potential in the app, and it's exciting to be part of another startup with a sustainable approach. 

Pierre Hübertz Knudsen - Programmer

Hi, my name is Pierre. Currently I’m a computer science student on EASV with focus on software development and utilizing that knowledge I gained to try these things out in WeUse. Together with some others I’m programming WeUse’s backend. In my spare time I spend a lot of time home in front of my computer, where I either skill me in the teaching material or I spend my time leading an online gaming community. I see WeUse as a chance to test and share my knowledge with others, to learn something from others and at the same time to try what it is like to be in a startup.

Martin Iversen - Programmer

My name is Martin. I am a computerscience student. I am working on creating the backend for WeUse on their application. In other words, I help develop the code behind the WeUse App. I chose to become a part of WeUse as I think the concept of making it easier to share our resources is something I strongly support. Meanwhile, my role gives me experience and qualifications in my field, where WeUse gives the possibilities to challenge myself. I am interested in developing and programming, which is why I was ready when WeUse was missing one in the team. When I’m not working on WeUse I have a big passion for baskeball and enjoy watching basketball in the spare time and listen to podcasts.

Dagmar Fríða Halldórsdóttir - Multimediadesigner

Hi, my name is Dagmar and I’m a multimediadesign student. I came in to the team to assist with the homepage and found the project a much needed input to societies demands to be more sus-tainable. While living in an housing association my self I’m excited to get the chance to use the app and contribute to a better world by reusing other peoples resources. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends but also listen to crime podcasts, searching for pokemons in Pokemon Go and collecting and care for my plants.