For the environment
For your community
For your wallet

The Weuse app is an app for residents in housing communities in Denmark. It makes it easier to share resources with your neighbours, organize events in the community or request help from neighbours on various projects.

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Our goal is to help you help the environment and create stronger and better neighbourhood.

Weuse appen lavet så det er nemt, hurtigt og profitabelt for DIG, i din boligforening at dele/udleje ting med hinanden.

Sikkerheden er meget vigtig for os! Derfor skal brugere vurdere hinanden efter en endt lejeperiode for, at skabe en transparent og sikker platform.

WeUse er en app, hvor du som beboer i en boligforening kan uploade alle de ressourcer du ikke bruger ofte nok.

Resident Interaction

WeUse aims at making residents interact more and thereby create cohersion and trust within the neighbourhood.

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Mindful Consumption

We live in a time of over-consumption, where many prefer to throw out resources and buy new. WeUse wants to provide the right tool to change our behaviour towards a more mindful consumption and strengthen local communities.

Shared resources

WeUse is an app that makes it easier for residents in residential complexes to share or rent out their resources to their neighbours, hold and organize community events and help each other with services within their association.

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